Worklist chronological

Worklist Chronologic



Zonen - filmen



Theatre. Stockholms stadsteater Clara scenen. Regi Carl-Johan Karlson.

2 September 2023


Zona - a suite of electroacoustic music


Fru Sorg

Theatre, Strindbergs Intima Teater, Stockholm. Adapted and directed by Nina Jeppsson


Underjorden (The Underworld)

Text by Annika Nyman.

Sonic Art Theatre for actor, electric MIDI-guitar, clarinet, and electronics. Premiere 19 January Piteå Acusticum. 50 min.



My own Fukase

Dance performance directed by Maria Naidu. Second version. Premiere November 2022


Underjorden (The Underworld)

Text by Annika Nyman. Radiophonic version

Sonic Art Theatre for actors, electric MIDI-guitar, clarinet and interactive electronics and video.


music for a film by Tove Pils


Video work by Ana Rebordao - FINALS

Sound design, summer 2022.



Intermedial theatre performance based on Tarkovsky’s film. In collaboration with actor and director Nina Jeppsson, scenographer Mats Sahlström. 2021. Ställbergs gruva


Dying Young

Opera performance, classic arias, electronic music. Directed by Sanna Colling


The Seven Valleys

Electroacoustic music/extensions for a performance by Kerstin Frödin, Åsa Unander-Scharin, Lena Juhl.      Premiere March 2021.



Flutes and Cymbals for Cybele

Flute, percussion, tape


Treccia For Guitar (1990/91)




Short electroacoustic overture


Le Chant Des Sirenes (1987/91)

4 flutes