Chronological Work List




179  Skellefteå/Malmö

       Theatre / Radio play / electroacoustic music / video  performance in two acts


178  Karlskrona/Malmö

         Radio play / electroacoustic music – multi-channel version




177  Champs d’étoiles – version 2016 for CD release

         Countertenor, recorder, violin, viola da gamba, theorbo, electroacoustic music.


176  The End of History II: (br)exit ghost

         Radio play section for a Teatr Weimar audience participatory performance, November 2016


175  Ringlekar för fula barn

         Soundscape installation for an exhibition by Peter Jönsson, Lund October 2016


174  Episoder 3

         Radio play. Text by Jörgen Dahlqvist. Voice Carina Ehrenholm


173  Människans mångfald

         Female choir, text Karin Boye.


172  I skuggorna - Champs d’étoiles, staged version 2016,

         Countertenor, recorder, violin, viola da gamba, theorbo, pre-recorded voices, electroacoustic music,

         video, scenography. Actor: Kent Olofsson. Inter Arts Center April 2016.


171  Episoder 2

        Radio play. Text by Jörgen Dahlqvist. Voice Carina Ehrenholm


170  Apparition III (Champs d’étoiles: Part XXI)

        Countertenor, recorder, violin, viola da gamba, theorbo, pre-recorded voices, electroacoustic music


169  Fleur (Champs d’étoiles: Part XX)

        Countertenor, recorder, violin




168  Arrival Cities: Hanoi

        Version for trio, chamber ensemble, electronics and videos.

        The Six Tones, Ensemble Reconsile. Vienna December 2015


167 Simple form (Champs d’étoiles: Part XIX)

       Countertenor, viola da gamba, theorbo. Lipparella


166 Vocations: Suite for viola da gamba (Champs d’étoiles: Part XIII-XVIII)

        For Louise Agnani. Hägersten Church April 2015




165 Arrival Cities: Hanoi (trio version)

       Version for trio, electronics and videos. The Six Tones, Teatr Weimar.

       Inter Arts Center Malmö December 2014.


164  Fält

        Music theatre performance, electronic music, rock/jazz songs, video. Linda Ritzén, Zofia William Åsenlöf,

        Jörgen Dahlqvist, Kent Olofsson, Marcus Råberg.


163  Waymarks

        Orchestra, pre-recorded sounds and video. Text by Dah Hammarskjöld.

        Commissioned by Uppsala Kammarorkester and Jönköping Sinfonietta. Video by Jörgen Dahlqvist.

        Actors:  Linda Ritzén, Richard Lekander, Anders Blentare.


162  Stränder

        Electronic Music for a Teatr Weimar production. Inkonst Malmö March 2014.


161  Champs d’étoiles – staged version with video 2014 (Part IX-XII: Prelude to Silence,

         Viola da gamba solo XII, A Secret Apparition I, Éclat/Appel)

         Countertenor, baroque instruments, video




160  Beginnungs (an homage to Beethoven’s first symphony)

        Symphony Orchestra


159  Man’s Desire to be God (2011-13)

        Art Rock Project, with Zart


158  Arrival Cities: Växjö

        Sonic Art Theatre for three actors, vocal ensemble, string orchestra, electronics and video


157  Two piano pieces for Signe: Toccata / Adagio with Bells


156  Arrival Cities: Malmö

         Sonic Art Theatre for three actors, trombone, percussion, video, stage





155  Everest

        Electroacoustic music for a theatre performance


154  Intérieur/Extérieur

        Paetzold contra bass recorder, contrabass flute, electronics, video


153  Hamlet II: Exit Ghost – radio theatre version

        A Sonic Art Theatre for 2 actors, live electronics and live video

        Version for Radioteatern


152  Noli me tangere

        Seven actors, sevens singers, seven speakers


151  Vitt Brus IV-VIII

         Video installation, with Jörgen Dahlqvist




150  Bergmanvariationer

        Music for a theatre production by Teatr Weimar at Malmö Stadsteater Intiman (2011)


149  A Language at War

        A Sonic Art Theatre for two actors, one singer, electronics and live-video.


148  Sarabandes for Ethno Violin, Electric Cello and electronics

        For Matthias Rodrick and Mats Edén.


147  Les portes l’enfer (2010-11)

        One actor, pre-recorded voices digital and ensemble of digital and electric instrument.

        Trembling Aeroplanes.


146  Collagene – Venice Version 2011

        for alto guitar/glissentar and orchestra (2006/11)


145 Concertino

        humoresque för musiksåg, jakthorn och didjeridu (2011) (Skånska Akademin)


144  De stränga anteckningarna (The Harsh Notes) (2010-11)

        A Sonic Art Theatre for 2 actors, 4 singers, electroacoustic music, paintings, installations.

        Teatr Weimar, Peter Jönsson.




143  Hamlet II: Exit Ghost

         A Sonic Art Theatre for 2 actors, live electronics and live video. Teatr Weimar


142  Splinters, Silhouettes, Shadows

        for harpsichord and string quartet

        for Moritz Ernst and Ensemble 01, Chemnitz.


141  Treccia for harpsichord (2010)

         for Moritz Ernst


140  Acceacare

        for alto saxophone and organ (1986/2010)


139  A une raison (Champs d’étoiles: Part VIII)

        for counter tenor, recorder, violin, gamba


138  Mirages II: Reflecting Swans

         Duo for Dan Thran and Dan Bau 2010


137 Le chemin de silence (2009-10) (Champs d’étoiles: Part V-VII)

        For theorbo solo





136  Indy 500 – seklernas udde

        A Sonic Art Theatre for 3 actors, guitar, saxophone, percussion and electronics. Teatr Weimar



135  Aether

        For double choir and orchestra



134  Lundensis Sonoris

        Electroacoustic music


133  Mirage I : The persistence of time

        for Dan Thran, Dan Bau and Dan Ty Ba



132  M / illuminationes: Part I – IV (Later renamed to Champs d’étoiles)

        for counter tenor, recorder, violin, viola da gamba and theorbo



131 Chiral IV

       Cello, ensemble (bass flute, oboe, bass clarinet, piano, percussion)


130 Chiral III

        Cello, electronics




129  Higg's Boson

         2 violins, 2 violas, violoncello, contrabass, electronics


128  Stalingrad Madonna - Symphonie II

         Mezzo-soprano, small orchestra


127  Alambic V

        Charango, electronics


126  Chiral VI

         Violin, tape


125  Chiral V

         Violin, ensemble


124  Chiral II

         Flute, ensemble


123  Chiral I

         Flute, tape


122  Mors Nostalgia

         Electroacoustic music / sound installation for an exhibition by Peter Jönsson




121  Dora Träumt

         Chamber ensemble


120 1:1:1

         Electro acoustic music for a dance performance


119  Songs of Innocence and of Experience (1997-2007)

         A suite of art rock songs with texts by William Blake, with Dame Wiggens


118  Chladni's Bow / Physisonochromie III (2006-07)

        Accordeon, orchestra, electronics


117  Symphonie I (2005-07)

        Large orchestra


116  Physisonochromie I

        Electroacoustic music


115 Alambic IV

       Electric guitar with e-bow, electronics, tape


114 Alambic III

       Electric guitar, electronics




113 O Beautiful Images

       Mixed choir


112 Corde (2002-2006)

       Charango, electric MIDI-guitar, glissentar, 11-stringed alto guitar, live electronics, orchestra,


111 Colloïde / Fascia Epilogue

        Banjo, oboes, harp, percussion, violas


110 Collagène / Fascia II

       Glissentar, 11-stringed alto guitar, orchestra


109 Kärlekens anatomi - Madrigals

       Sound installation for an exhibition by Peter Jönsson


108 Wheel Within A Wheel (2005-06)

       Flute, saxophone, guitar, percussion




107 Decora (2004-05)

       Piano, percussion, electronics


106 Logr

       Electro acoustic music


105 The Bells (2004-05)

       Vocal groups, two choirs, two contrabasses, two percussion, harp, keyboards, electronics




104 Epitome A

       Flute, oboe, clarinet, electronics


103 Alambic II

       Glissentar (11-stringed fretless guitar)




102 Nepenthe

       Viola d'amore


101 Incantation Jaune, Rouge, Bleue

       Flute orchestra


100 Isadora Sings (collaborative work with Vivienne Spiteri)

       Harpsichord, tape


99 Alambic I

     Alto guitar, electronics


98 Terpsichord

     Percussion, tape


97 Continua

     Electro acoustic music


96 Arcangelo's Ground (2002-03)

     8 violoncelli (optional electronics)




95 Le Miroir Caché

     Soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, tape


94 Parcæs Cordes (2001-02)

     Alto flute, alto guitar, viola, tape


93 Fascia

     Charango, electric MIDI-guitar, live electronics, orchestra


92 Reeal Beeats (1997/2002)

     Saxophone, tape


91 Cinq Esquisses (2001-02)

     Harp, tape




90 The Fields of David Smith

     Electro acoustic music


89 The Illuminated Dream Aflame (1998/2001)

     Electro acoustic music (for dance performance)


88 Treccia for Recorder (2000-01)

     Recorder solo (soprano, alto, tenor)


87 Enneagram (2000-01)

     Chamber ensemble




86 Alinea I-III (1997-2000)

     String quartet, tape, computer


85 Alinea III

     String quartet, computer


84 Treccia for Trombone



83 The Emerald Windstrings (1999-2000)

     Clarinet, guitar


82 Il Sogno di Tartini (1999-2000)

     Violin, computer




81 Stabat Mater

     2 sopranos, 2 mezzo-sopranos, tape


80 Alinea Variations

     Viola, computer, tape


79 In Memoriam (Tommie)



78 Membra Jesu Nostri (1988-89 / 99)

     Motet for soli, choir, baroque instruments, tape


77 Threads of Emerald Windstrings

     Clarinet, guitar, small orchestra


76 Il Liuto d'Orfeo (1998-99)

     Guitar, tape




75  Alinea I



74  Mareld

      Male choir, tape (for dance performance)


73  Alinea II (1997-98)

      String quartet, tape


72  Beyond The Pale (1997/98)

      Electro acoustic music


71  Flings (1997/98)





70 Les Voix Transparentes

      Electro acoustic music


69  De Genomskinliga

      Electro acoustic music (for dance performance)


68  Minotaur Labyrinth - Treccia for Percussion

      Percussion solo


67  Hepheastus Forge

      Percussion, orchestra


66  Tarpeian Rock

      Alto flute, bass clarinet (eb-cl.), guitar, violoncello, percussion, synthesizer (sampler)




65  Dame Wiggens of Lee and her seven wonderful cats (1993-96)

      A collection of songs, Art Rock Music, with Dame Wiggens

      Texts by Lewis Carroll and other English poets


64  Cimmerian Darkness

       for string orchestra


63  Treccia for Contrabass Clarinet

      Contrabass clarinet


62  Bridge

      Electro acoustic music


61  Pierian Spring

      Bass traverse flute




60 Mui - Songs and Dances at Bubastis

Computer music


59 Rites De Passages

Bass clarinet, string quartet


58 Gaea

Flute, chamber ensemble, tape


57 Phaëthon Wheel (1994/95)

6 percussion




56 Treccia for Flute



55 14 Stations (1993/94)



54 Burning Pitch

Saxophone quartet, alto saxophone, live-electronics, tape


53 The Line of Confusion

Part I of Burning Pitch

Alto saxophone, tape


52 Ghiaccio Eterno

Oboe, trombone, percussion trio, saxophone quartet, brass quintet, tape


51 Crystalline Winds



50 The Monolith Masque (1993-94)

Trombone, percussion


49 Eos Weeping Dew





48  Invoking Æolos

      Percussion sextet


47  Treccia for Violoncello



46  The Kiss of the Seven Veils

      Soprano, bass clarinet, piano, tape


45  The Stones of Emptiness

      Part II of Burning Pitch

      Saxophone quartet, live electronics, tape




44  The Garden of Earthly Delights

Guitar, chamber ensemble, tape


43  Penetrating Streams of Floating Blue Light (1991-92)

3 clarinets, bass clarinet, tape


42  Lamentationes (1987-92)

      Baritone, 4 sopranos, viola, clarinet (bass clarinet), percussion, guitar, flute, tape


41  The Voice of One Who Shouts Out In the Desert (1991-92)

      Flute, alto saxophone, trombone, keyboard




40   Flutes and Cymbals for Cybele

       Flute, percussion, tape


39  Treccia For Guitar (1990/91)



38  EOI

       Short electroacoustic overture


37  Le Chant Des Sirenes (1987/91)

      4 flutes





36 Treccia for Piano (1989/90)



35 Le Carnaval Des Animeaux Fabuleux






33 The Leaves Be Green

Recorder quintet


Wölfli music

Electroacoustic music for an exhibition, Malmö Konsthall




32 Treccia for Violin



31 And a Trumpet Shall Rend the Skies (1988-89)



30 Missa Brevis

Soprano, flute, clarinet, bassoon


29 Celestial Bodies

12 violoncelli







Chamber ensemble




Oboe, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn, double bass






Sonata For Piano




Brass ensemble








Radio play installation for 5 loudspeakers


Dead Chickens – Soundscape, for an installation by Peter Jönsson




22  Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra

       2 pianos, orchestra


21  Variations for String Quartet

      String quartet


20  Animato For Flute and Guitar

      Flute, guitar


19  Three Bellman arrangements for brass quintet


18  Infterno

       Piano, celesta, tape


17  Four Songs from Crow (text by Ted Hughes) Swedish translation

      Soprano, flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano


16  Quincunx for Timpani and Piano

      Timpani, piano




15   Five Figures for Four Trombones

Trombone quartet


14   Christmas Cantata

Choir and orchestra (short humorous piece for a SP record)


13 Jeu

Solo violin


12 Eurydice (1985-86)

Chamber opera: 3 soli, choir, speaking roles, orchestra


11 Tenuto For Orchestra





10  Toccata for Organ



9   Sonata for Guitar



8   Sonata for Brass Quintet and Piano

     Brass quintet, piano


7   Prelude and Fugue

     Flute, clarinet, bassoon




6   Credo

     Mezzo soprano, choir, ensemble


5   Four last songs

     Progressive Rock music. With Opus Est




4   Opus One

     Progressive Rock Music. With Opus Est


Sonata for Two String Quartets

    for 2 String Quartets




2    Scherzo for Piano

      Piano - also in version for orchestra




Four Metamorphoses Of A Face

    Progressive Rock Music, suite in four parts

    With Opus Est