Chamber Music

Chamber music - overview of sub pages

Music for solo instruments                                   

Music for small ensembles (duo - quintet)

Music for larger ensembles (sextet and larger)

Music for guitar

Music for strings


Music for solo instruments and electronics                                  

Music for duo - quartet and electronics

Music for ensembles and electronics

Lipparella - ensemble of period instruments

Music for vietnamese instruments


Chamber music - overview of works

Music for solo instruments

Preambulum (2017)

For organ.

Two piano pieces for Signe: Toccata & Adagio with Bells (2013)

Treccia for Harpsichord (2010)


Alambic II

Glissentar (11-stringed fretless guitar)


Viola d'amore

Treccia for Recorder (2000-01)


Treccia for Trombone (2001)

Flings (1997/98)


Minotaur Labyrinth (1996/98)


Treccia for Contrabass Clarinet (1996)

Pierian Spring (1996)

for bass traverse flute

Treccia for Flute (1994)

14 Stations (1993/94)

for organ

Treccia for Violoncello (1993)

Treccia For Guitar (1990/91)

Treccia for Piano (1989/90)

Treccia for Violin (1990)

And a Trumpet Shall Rend the Skies (1988-89) for organ

Sonata for Piano (1988) 

Sonata for Guitar (1985)

Toccata for Organ (1985)

Scherzo for Piano (1981)


Music for duo - quartet and electronics

Tend (2016-18)

For violin, piano and electronics (based on Paganini’s Etude nr 1)

Intérieur/Extérieur (2012)

Paetzold contra bass recorder, contrabass flute, electronics, video.

Epitome A

Flute, oboe, clarinet, electronics. 16 min

Decora (2004-05)

Piano, percussion, electronics. 27 min.

Alinea III

String quartet, computer.

Alinea II (1997-98)

String quartet, tape

The Kiss of the Seven Veils

Soprano, bass clarinet, piano, tape

The Stones of Emptiness

Part II of Burning Pitch

Saxophone quartet, live electronics, tape

Penetrating Streams of Floating Blue Light (1991-92)

3 clarinets, bass clarinet, tape

Flutes and Cymbals for Cybele (1991)

Flute, percussion, tape

Music for solo instruments and electronics

Crystals of Time (2021)

For piano and electronics. 

Red Madonnas, Black Rivers (2019)

Dan tranh (17-stringed Vietnamese citer) and electronics.


Play Always as If in The Presence of a Master (2018)

 Schumann Variations and Fragments

Piano, electronics.

Chiral III

Cello, electronics

Alambic V

Charango, electronics

Chiral VI

Violin, tape

Chiral I

Flute, tape

Alambic IV

Electric guitar with e-bow, electronics, tape

Alambic III

Electric guitar, electronics

Isadora Sings

Harpsichord, tape. with Vivienne Spiteri.

Alambic I

Alto guitar, electronics. For Stefan Östersjö


Percussion, tape. 16 min.

Reeal Beeats (1997/2002)

Saxophone, tape.

Cinq Esquisses (2001-02)

Harp, tape

Il Sogno di Tartini (1999-2000)

Violin, computer

Alinea Variations

Viola, computer, tape

Il liuto d'Orfeo (1998-99)

Guitar, tape

The Line of Confusion

Part I of Burning Pitch

Alto saxophone, tape


Music for ensembles and electronics

Cathedra I-III

For Chapman Stick, MIDI-controlled church organ, chamber ensemble and electronics.

Higg's Boson

2 violins, 2 violas, violoncello, contrabass, electronics.

Arcangelo's Ground (2002-03)

8 violoncelli. 23 min.

Parcæs Cordes (2001-02)

Alto flute, alto guitar, viola, tape. For HOT3

Le Miroir Caché

Soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, tape. 17 min.

Stabat Mater

2 sopranos, 2 mezzo-sopranos, tape

Tarpeian Rock (1996-97)

Alto flute, bass clarinet (eb-cl.), guitar, violoncello, percussion, synthesizer (sampler)


Flute, chamber ensemble, tape

Ghiaccio Eterno

Oboe, trombone, percussion trio, saxophone quartet, brass quintet, tape

Lamentationes (1987-92)

Baritone, 4 sopranos, viola, clarinet (bass clarinet), percussion, guitar, flute, tape


Music for larger ensembles (sextet and larger)

Chiral IV

Cello, ensemble (bass flute, oboe, bass clarinet, piano, percussion)

Chiral V

Violin, ensemble

Chiral II

Flute, ensemble

Enneagram (2000-01)

Chamber ensemble.

Phaëthon Wheel (1994/95)

6 percussion

Invoking Æolos

Percussion sextet

The Garden of Earthly Delights

Guitar, chamber ensemble, tape

Celestial Bodies

12 violoncelli


Chamber ensemble


Oboe, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn, double bass


Music for small ensembles (duo - quintet)

As A Woman I Have No Country

For contrabass flute and prepared piano. 

Splinters, Silhouettes, Shadows (2010)

For harpsichord and string quartet.



For alto saxophone and organ (1986/2010)

Mirages II: Reflecting Swans

Duo for Dan Thran and Dan Bau 2010. 

Mirage I: The persistence of time

For Dan Tranh, Dan Bau and Dan Ty Ba. 

Wheel Within A Wheel (2005-06)

Flute, saxophone, guitar, percussion. 

The Emerald Windstrings (1999-2000)

Clarinet, guitar

Rites De Passages

Bass clarinet, string quartet

The Monolith Masque (1993-94)

Trombone, percussion

The Voice of One Who Shouts Out in the Desert (1991-92)

Flute, alto saxophone, trombone, keyboard

Le Chant Des Sirenes (1987/91)

4 flutes

Missa Brevis

Soprano, flute, clarinet, bassoon

Variations for String Quartet

String quartet

Animato for Flute and Guitar

Flute, guitar

Four Songs from Crow (text by Ted Hughes) Swedish translation

Soprano, flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano

Quincunx (1987)

Timpani, piano

Sonata for Brass Quintet and Piano (1984-85)

Prelude and Fugue (1985)

Flute, clarinet, bassoon

Sonata for Two String Quartets (1983)

2 String Quartets

Lipparella - ensemble of period instruments

Champs d'étoiles (2008-2016) 

- suite for coounter tenor, recorder, baroque violin, theorbo and viola da gamba:

Texts by Rilke, Rimbaud and Hammarskjöld

Ensemble Lipparella

1. Vocations I (Viola da gamba)

2. Des Sommers Wochen stenden still - Rilke Trio I  (Countertenor, Recorder, Theorbo)

3. Prelude to Silence (Violin, Viola da gamba)

4. Éclat / Appel (Tenor Recorder)

5. Our Lady showed us sea of fire – Secret Apparition I  (Quintet)

6. Chemin de silence I (Theorbo)

7. Fleur  (Countertenor , Recorder, Violin)

8. Single Form  (Countertenor, Viola da gamba, Theorbo)

9. À une raison  (Countertenor , Recorder, Violin, Viola da gamba,)

10. Vocations IV  (Viola da gamba)

11. You have seen Hell – Secret Apparition II  (Quintet)

12. Quartet  (Violin, Viola da gamba)

13. Und höher, die Sterne - Rilke Trio II  (Countertenor , Violin, Viola da gamba)

14. Chemin de silence III  (Theorbo)

15. Vocations VII  (Viola da gamba)

16. Day (Countertenor)

17. Our Lady above, an angel – Secret Apparition III  (Quintet and electronics)

Vocations (2015) - suite for viola da gamba solo

in seven movements