A film by Tove Pils

[Music for the film]

A journey from a small Swedish town to the wide vistas of San Francisco becomes the start of an exploration of the limits of wage work and sex work in a queer context.

Premiere 2 February 2023 at Gothenburg International Film Festival.

International premiere at CPH:DOX, Copenhagen, March 2023. 

During Spring 2023 the film was also presented at:

Sunny Bunny, Kyiv International Film Festival, Ukraine

Lovers Film Festival, Torino, Italy (awarded best documentary!)

Frameline, San Francisco. 


- a project by Nina Jeppsson and Kent Olofsson (2021-2024)

Zonen (The zone) is a liminal artistic work that moves between film, music and performing arts, between documentary and fiction, between art and life, spirit and matter. We use Andrei Tarkovsky's film Stalker as a method, map and guide. In it, a small expedition enters the Forbidden Zone, a dangerous and capricious place that changes depending on the travellers' state of mind.

Our work is a raw documentation of a mystical journey and of an art process, which at the same time constitutes and embodies this journey. We follow the director Nina in a spiritual quest that takes her to inner and outer places and encounters. The work is filled with fictional 'rabbit holes'.

The visual world includes portals and mine shafts, streams, fog, fire, earth, trees, the starry sky and rain. The soundscape includes swarms of particles and insects, grand choirs, art rock and conversations that intersect like streams.

Our hope is that the work will serve as a map for others who are currently wandering around the intermediate state of the Zone, in an uncertain future.

The film have a planned premiere for Spring 2024, when also music from the project will be released. A first version of the project was presented at Ställbergs Gruva in the summer of 2022. 

Artists involved: Marta Khomenko (light), Karolina Pajak (filming), Johannes Ferm Winkler (film, editing, projections), Jeroen Pool (film editing), Mats Sahlström (scenography), Raimo Nyman (light), Johannes Rydinger (filming), Maria Lundqvsit (costume)