List of works in collaborations with Jörgen Dahlqvist and Teatr Weimar 2009-2017: Overview


The End of History II: (br)exit ghost

(2016) Radio play section for a Teatr Weimar audience participatory performance, November 2016




Episoder 3

(2016) Radio play. Text by Jörgen Dahlqvist. Voice Carina Ehrenholm





I skuggorna - Champs d’étoiles, staged version 2016

Countertenor, recorder, violin, viola da gamba, theorbo, pre-recorded voices, electroacoustic music, video, scenography. Actor: Kent Olofsson. Inter Arts Center April 2016.






Episoder 2

(2016) Radio play. Text by Jörgen Dahlqvist. Voice Carina Ehrenholm






Arrival Cities: Hanoi - version with chamber ensemble


Version for trio of Vietnamese instruments, chamber ensemble, electronics and videos.

The Six Tones, Ensemble Reconsile, Teatr Weimar. Vienna December 2015




Arrival Cities: Hanoi

(2014) For trio of Vietnamese instruments, electronics and videos. The Six Tones, Teatr Weimar. Inter Arts Center Malmö December 2014.





(2014) Music theatre performance, electronic music, rock/jazz songs, video. Teatr Weimar: Linda Ritzén, Zofia William Åsenlöf, Jörgen Dahlqvist, Kent Olofsson, Marcus Råberg.





(2014) Electronic Music for a Teatr Weimar production. Inkonst Malmö March 2014.




Champs d’étoiles  - staged version with video and light

(2014)  (Part IX-XII: Prelude to Silence, Viola da gamba solo XII, A Secret Apparition I, Éclat/Appel)

Countertenor, baroque instruments, video. Lipparella, Teatr Weimar




Arrival Cities: Växjö

(2013) Sonic Art Theatre for three actors, vocal ensemble, string orchestra, electronics and video. Teatr Weimar, Vokalharmonin, Musica Vitae, conductor: Fredrik Malmberg




Arrival Cities: Malmö

(2013) Sonic Art Theatre for three actors, trombone, percussion, video, stage. Axelsson Nilsson duo, Teatr Weimar.





(2012) Electroacoustic music for a theatre performance with text by Lotta Lotass. A Teatr Weimar production for Helsingborg Stadsteater.





(2012) Paetzold contra bass recorder, contrabass flute, electronics, video




Hamlet II: Exit Ghost - radio theatre version

(2012) for 2 actors, live electronics and live video

Version for Radioteatern, Sveriges Radio




Noli me tangere

(2012) Seven actors, sevens singers, seven speakers. Teatr Weimar, Vokalharmonin, conductor: Fredrik Malmberg




Vitt Brus IV-VIII

(2012) Video installation, with Jörgen Dahlqvist





(2011) Music for a theatre production by Teatr Weimar at Malmö Stadsteater Intiman




A Language at War

(2011) Performance for two actors, one singer, electronics and live-video.




Les portes l’enfer

(2010-11) One actor, pre-recorded voices digital and ensemble of digital and electric instrument. Trembling Aeroplanes.



De stränga anteckningarna (The Harsh Notes)

(2010-11) A Sonic Art Theatre for 2 actors, 4 singers, electroacoustic music, paintings, installations. Teatr Weimar, Peter Jönsson.




Hamlet II: Exit Ghost

(2010) A Sonic Art Theatre for 2 actors, live electronics and live video. Teatr Weimar




Indy 500 – seklernas udde

(2009) A Sonic Art Theatre for 3 actors, guitar, saxophone, percussion and electronics. Teatr Weimar, Ensemble Ars Nova