De stränga anteckningarna

De stränga anteckningarna

2 actors, 4 singers, electroacoustic music, paintings, installations

De stränga anteckningarna is an interdisciplinary worh where art music and visual arts are combined with contemporary theatre. The performance takes place in a frozen war zone where death is always present and where the human conditions in the myths are still stories about the conditions people are forced to live through in our own time. The work is written and composed for four singers and two actors. The performance takes the form of a stage installation in which the space is as important as the singers and actors. A poetic consideration of relationships and symbols where the place itself becomes the subject of the performance's exploration.

Actors: Linda Ritzén, Rafael Pettersson

Singers: Sara Willén, Agnes Wästfelt, Ellinor Edström Schüller and Karin Lundin.

Music: Kent Olofsson.

Text and director: Jörgen Dahlqvist.

Paintings, installations: Peter Jönsson.

Light, costumes: Johan Bergman and Jenny Ljungberg.

Technicians: Johan Nordström

The symbolic world of De stränga anteckningarna is drawn from various myths, the story of Lot and Leah from the Book of Genesis, the poem Glauco and Corinna set to music by Monteverdi in one of his Madrigals, and the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice recorded in Metamorphoses by Ovid. The text and music associate freely around these stories. The austere notes become, through their imagery, a description of the transformation and disappearance of a loved one and the grief of the bereaved for the tragedy that has occurred and the consequences of the resulting guilt.