Radiophonic works

Radiophonic works

Underjorden (The Underworld)  

sonic art theatre for actor, prerecorded voices, clarinet, electric guitar, electronics

Text by Annika Nyman

Music and direction by Kent Olofsson

Dramaturge and director Jörgen Dahlqvist

Actor Malin Molin, Robert Ek clarinets, Stefan Östersjö guitars

First performance at Acusticum, Piteå 19 January 2023

In the Roman myth of Psyche and Cupid, the princess Psyche loses her lover after doing the forbidden: lighting the lamp and looking at the deity. In her attempts to find him, she is thwarted by her jealous mother-in-law, the goddess Venus, and is eventually forced to cross the River Styx, past the three-headed threshold guardian and down to Persephone, mistress of the realm of the dead.

The Underworld is an radioplay that travels inwards, downwards, to be devoured by darkness and the unknown. It is a journey through ancient and contemporary legends and myths and touches on the horror of realising the limits of existence, the fear of dissolution and the unbearable acceptance of one's own mortality.

Score and text (PDF, Swedish)

Episoder (2016)

Episodes are set in a wintry small town where the street lights are reflected in the cold snow and where people are on the move; away from others and away from themselves. The plot revolves around the possible and impossible in the encounter with other people, about the abyss between what a person is to others and what she is to herself.

Text, director: Jörgen Dahlqvist

Actyor: Carine Erhenholm

Music: Kent Olofsson (2 & 3 ), Jörgen Dahlqvist (1 & 4)

Vocals: Malin Hween, Camilla Waltin, Nicklas Nilsson

Mix: Kent Olofsson