Various theatre collaborations

Peter. Tid.

Vipeholm - Tiden före framtiden



Peter. Tid. 

Actor, vocal ensemble, two pianos, electronics

Text: Dmitri Plax

Director: Jacob Hirdwall

Actor: Andreas 

Vokalharmonin, director: Fredrik Malmberg

Orionteatern, 6 September 2024

Vipeholm - Tiden före framtiden (2023)

(Music for the theatre play at Stadsteatern Stockholm)

Vipeholm 1940. Erik was ten years old when he was sent from his family outside Luleå to the so-called 'sinnesslöanstalten' outside Lund. He never returns. The play by Lucas Svensson follows inmates, relatives and doctors inside the institution. Actors include among others Lennart Jähkel, Sofia Ledarp and Sven Ahlström. Directed by Carl Johan Karlson. 

Premiere 2 September at Klarascenen, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern. Further performances throughout September


Idlaflickorna (2021)

by Kristina Lugn

Directed by Mellika Melouani Melani

When Kristina Lugn's most frequently performed play goes from a chamber play for two to musical grandeur, the stage is filled with women. It will be ecstatic and life-affirming, with two choirs and newly written music by Andrea Tarrodi. And everything is dressed in the popular poet's whimsical language.

Three women take a holiday from themselves, in a place beyond everyday life. All of life swirls around them, in lust and sadness, in laughter and sorrow as they talk about motherhood, desire, loneliness, death. One body, all ages. In their own eyes, not the man's. For once.

Actors: Anna Bjelkerud, Eline Høyer, Victoria Olmarker, Caroline Söderström, Christian Brandin

Musical composition and direction, sound design: Kent Olofsson

Choir music: Andrea Tarrodi

Musicians: Tove Darelid, Malin Almgren, Rebecka Tholerus

Choirs: Mara vokalensemble, Ymna

Scenography and light: Bengt Gomér

Costume: Mellika Melouani Melani

Choreography: Ambra Succi

Dramaturge: Anna Berg

12 dec Idla 2
12 dec idla 3
12 dec Idla 4
12 dec Idla 5
12 dec Idla 6
12 dec Idla 7
12 dec idla 8
12 dec Idla 10
12 dec idla 11

Performance photos by Ola Kjelbye

11 nov Idlarep 16
10 Idlarep 1
10 Idlarep 2
10 Idlarep 11
10 Idlarep 21
10 Idlarep 23
11 nov Idlarep 3
11 nov Idlarep 6
11 nov Idlarep 8
11 nov Idlarep 13
11 nov Idlarep 14
11 nov Idlarep 15
11 nov  Idlarep  5

Photos from rehearsals

Kris (2021/22)

Based on the book by Karin Boye, directed by Maja Salomonsson

[Music for the performance]

Stadsteatern Vällingby

Premiere March 2022.

New period of performances march 2023

On stage: Frida Beckman and Beri Gerwise

Director, dramatisation: Maja Salomonsson

Music: Kent Olofsson

Scenography Johanna Mårtensson,

Light Raimo Nyman,

Makeup Eva Ritzell

Dramaturge: Mia Winge

Performance technician: Pekka Tuppurainen

Malin is about to graduate when everything suddenly falls apart. Actually, nothing has happened, not that Malin can understand anyway. But reality feels so alien. Inside Malin is a struggle that is tearing her apart. How can she feel so bad when others are worse off? Why doesn't she do anything to stop all the suffering in the world? What if God doesn't exist? What if God does exist? Should she do what everyone else wants or rebel?

In the middle of all the chaos, Malin falls in love. I mean really in love. With someone she absolutely must not fall in love with.

Karin Boye's autobiographical novel Kris is set in Sweden in the 1920s. Between two world wars and at a time when homosexuality was forbidden. When the novel was first published, it was considered extremely controversial by both critics and the public.

80 years after Boye's death, the novel is put into a contemporary context as a work of performing arts. The roles are played by rap artist Beri Gerwise together with Frida Beckman.

Kris_12B_Tryck. (1)

Frida Beckman and Beri Gerwise in Kris, Stadsteatern Vällingby

Photos by José Figueroa

Pusher 4 (2018)

Electronic music for a theatre performance by Liv Vesterskov Kaastrup and Jörgen Dahlqvist with video work by Gylleboverket.

Premiere at Warehouse 9, Copenhagen 10 October 2018.

Further performances in Malmö November 2018. 55 minutes.

Pusher, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, is the cheapest Danish feature film ever made. The film was part of the Danish film treasure trove and was later bought by Hollywood. The film was about masculinity, violence, drugs and created an image of Denmark as a violent country.

In Pusher4, we look at Pusher as a documentary and try to get closer to the Danish man. Who is he? And why does he always tell the truth?

Pusher4 is a theatre and film installation created by: Liv K. Vesterskov, Jörgen Dahlqvist, Etta Säfve and Jona Elfdahl.
Music: Kent Olofsson. Cast: Liv K. Vesterskov as well as Ulf Rönnerstrand, Joan Elfdahl and Carl Gustavsson.
The performance is supported by Vesterbropuljen.