Music for smaller ensembles

Music for small ensembles (duo - quintet)

As A Woman I Have No Country

For contrabass flute and prepared piano.

Written for Amanda Salonen Ripa and Signe Olofsson

Premiered at Malmö Academy of Music in 2020

As a woman I have no country.

As a woman I want no country.

As a woman, my country is the whole world.

Virginia Woolf, 1938, from Three Guineas

Splinters, Silhouettes, Shadows (2010)

For harpsichord and string quartet.

Moritz Ernst, harpsichord, Ensemble01, recorded at the first performance in Chemnitz


For alto saxophone and organ (1986/2010)

Mirages II: Reflecting Swans

Duo for Dan Thran and Dan Bau 2010. 

Mirage I: The persistence of time

For Dan Tranh, Dan Bau and Dan Ty Ba. 

Wheel Within A Wheel (2005-06)

Flute, saxophone, guitar, percussion. 

The Emerald Windstrings (1999-2000)

Clarinet, guitar

Rites De Passages

Bass clarinet, string quartet

The Monolith Masque (1993-94)

Trombone, percussion

The Voice of One Who Shouts Out in the Desert (1991-92)

Flute, alto saxophone, trombone, keyboard

Le Chant Des Sirenes (1987/91)

4 flutes

Missa Brevis

Soprano, flute, clarinet, bassoon

Variations for String Quartet

String quartet

Animato for Flute and Guitar

Flute, guitar

Four Songs from Crow (text by Ted Hughes) Swedish translation

Soprano, flute, clarinet, bassoon, piano

Quincunx (1987)

Timpani, piano

Sonata for Brass Quintet and Piano (1984-85)

Prelude and Fugue (1985)

Flute, clarinet, bassoon

Sonata for Two String Quartets (1983)

2 String Quartets